Watch factory, dare to ask where the way is

- Mar 18, 2019-

The Journey to the West, which we liked from childhood, is a journey by four men, master and apprentice. And the theme song "Dare to ask where the road is" has become a classic in our memory. Nowadays, in the watches industry, we can not help but ask, watches factory, dare to ask where is the way?

It's a long way to go, and I'll seek everything from top to bottom. Quzi's cry thousands of years ago is also the common aspiration of all walks of life in China. China's watch industry has gone through more than half a century of development. In 1955, with the successful manufacture of the first watch in Tianjin, the historical moment of China's watchmaking industry was fixed. Since the 1950s, watches factories have been established along the coast of mainland China. They produce many types and brands of mechanical watches. Because of their long-term market positioning, these watches have not become truly high-end watches. However, it can not be ignored that China has accumulated the technology of machine core manufacturing. From scratch to emergence, from emergence to superiority and demand need a process, and as the "heart of the watch" the quality assurance of the core of this process is the core.

Watch grinding

Take Guangdong Watch Factory as an example. At present, Guangdong has become an important producer of watch exterior parts (such as Shenzhen Watch Factory), while many Western watch exterior parts are also made in China. The connotation of "Made in China" is no longer simply "Made in China", but has the meaning of "Made with China". It is a reality for China to master the manufacturing technology of core exterior parts and design and manufacture in step with the world. "Chinese watch manufacturing" is also integrated into the world. At present, China is the main production base of the world's watch industry. China's watch manufacturing industry has a complete industrial chain from raw materials, accessories, appearance parts, machine parts to finished products. In all respects, it is the most competitive manufacturing center in the world.

Faced with the surging competition situation, if we want to take the road of brand and internationalization, we should first endure loneliness, pain, pressure, temptation, toss, blow, face, responsibility and spirit. "Flatten the rough road, fight hard and start again." No matter how long the road is, as long as there is the spirit of inheritance in it, as long as there is persistent belief in it, it is a right path, it is a road to success. The road is under our feet, and we are asked to go on together.