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- May 20, 2019-

Period display (calendar, calendar, month, etc.) is the function of many watches. Most watches display date by hole number, and some watches display date by pointer. A watch with a digital date display, usually between three and five points, opens a small window to show the date. The calendar, called Date, has this function. In addition, a weekly indicator, called Day, is displayed in three English letters. In addition to dates and weeks, there are also names indicating months, commonly referred to as "Full Calendar".

There are three types of speed for changing calendar numbers: instantaneous jump, fast jump and slow climb.

Since there are different sizes of the month, it is necessary to adjust the list crown to correct the difference between the days of the month and the month; the list crown is connected with the disk of the Sunday calendar. Pull the crown out to the second gear, rotate the calibration date clockwise, and rotate the calibration week counterclockwise.

Between 21 p.m. and 3 a.m., the calendar function (gear) is working, during which the watch can not be adjusted, otherwise the watch will be permanently damaged!

General calendar

Date display has only one window or a complete disk display.


Generally speaking, a large calendar window is composed of two calendar plates, and the date displayed is displayed through two digital windows next to each other. The number of the large calendar is controlled by two separate dials.