Watch Custom Manufacturers Analyse the Structure of Watches

- Apr 15, 2019-

In modern society, watches have been used as daily necessities. It is very common. But when asked about the structure of watches, many people do not know, and many enterprises do not know when they want to customize watches for consultation. In order to help you better understand the structure of watches, we will popularize the basic structure of watches: watches are composed of mirror, case, strap, ring, dial, needle, clasp, handle, bottom cover, machine core and other components.

1. Mirror: Protect the dial, usually made of plexiglass, sapphire and minerals.

2. Watch case: Protect watch movement from external dust, water or vibration damage. At present, alloy shell, copper shell, steel shell and tungsten steel shell are mostly used in domestic market.

3. Watchband: It is divided into belt and metal chain. The choice of watchband should generally match with the watchcase. The watchband should be chosen according to the material of the watchcase.

4. Enclosure: used to lock the mirror, divided into two types: one is fixed type, one is unidirectional rotation type.

5. dial: mainly used to show time, but also related to the design of watches. Material is usually made of copper, aluminium, paper, etc.

6. Watch needle and handle: Watch needle is an important part of time display. Generally, watches have three kinds of time hand, minute hand and second hand.

7. Watch buckle: Made of stainless steel and titanium metal, it can be divided into folding buckle, butterfly buckle, double safety buckle and so on.

8. Bottom cover: The function is to fix the machine core, dust-proof, waterproof, etc. Made of stainless steel.

9. Machine core: The common machine core is quartz machine core, mechanical machine core and electronic machine core.