Watch Common Sense Solves Watch Intake Problem Simply and Effectively

- Mar 19, 2019-

Watches in life will inevitably encounter water intake problems, sometimes far from the watches after sale, at this time it is very troublesome, because watches can not go into water for a long time without treatment, at this time it is very necessary to master emergency treatment methods. Today, Xiaobian brings you some simple and effective ways to deal with the water intake watches, so that we can solve the unexpected problems of watches.

There are several phenomena or degrees of watches entering water:

(1) There is fog in the glass of the watch, and sometimes there is no fog, especially when the temperature difference is large.

(2) Water droplets condense in the glass of the watch.

(3) A large number of water droplets can be seen on the glass and dial of the watch.

Watch water also has several properties:

(1) Pure or distilled water

(2) Tap water or rainwater

(3) Drinks or beer

(4) seawater

(5) cosmetics or chemical reagents or potions

Simple treatment of watches after water intake:

Method 1: Ordinary mechanical watches are damp. They can be tightly wrapped with several layers of toilet paper or moisture-absorbent velvet cloth and placed about 15 centimeters near a 40-watt electric light bulb. After baking for about 30 minutes, the water vapor in the watches can be dispersed. Do not bake the watch directly near the fire, so as not to cause the watch to be warmed and deformed.

Method 2: Apply the outer cover facing inward and the bottom shell facing outward, and wear it on the wrist backwards. After two hours, the moisture can be eliminated. If the water intake is serious, it is better to send the watchshop oil immediately to remove the moisture of the machine core, in order to avoid parts rusting.

Method 3: Put the granular silica gel into a sealed container with the watches that have accumulated water. After several hours, take out the watches, and the accumulated water will disappear completely. This method is simple and economical, without any damage to the accuracy and life of the meter. Silica gel, which has absorbed water for many times, can be dried for several hours at 120 C. with renewable water absorption capacity and can be used repeatedly.

Summary: In ordinary life, watch protection should be paid attention to, such as in a dry and ventilated environment, to avoid direct contact between watch and water. Even water-proof watches should be avoided, and as long as the watches have been soaked (unless it is a diving watch), it is best to check in, so as not to cause serious damage to internal machine parts due to time delays. So don't be careless about seemingly trivial things. Comparing watches is still very expensive.