Watch collocation technique

- Apr 12, 2018-

Watch collocation technique

1.Watch with your skin.

Everyone has a different color of skin, also known as basic and tonal, most suitable for the yellow color is clear, high concentration of fresh color, pink, blue, red, etc will make people look radiant, glamour. It is easy for a fair-skinned person to determine his or her basic color, so many tones can be used as a basic color. The darker skin, however, should not choose pink and light green as the basic color. If the skin color is dark even brown, the coffee color is absolutely cannot be the basic color. What about a yellow-skinned, pudgy person? Please stay away from red and yellow. They can't be your basic color. However, the dark-skinned people should choose the brighter color as the basic color.


2.Watch your watch with your body shape.

Body shape tends to determine a person's temperament, so thinking about body shape is about temperament. Tall and strong should choose the watch of the big dial, in modelling and style slightly bold type, even can choose the alternative phenotype such as military watch. The smaller ones should choose the smaller ones. The average body size is easy to choose, and the occasional large scale can increase the strength of the person, while small scale can appear modest and reserved.


3.The watch goes with the dress.

As a watch, some people think it is just a small ornament, it should be the background of clothes to choose the watch, but it is not. A very simple to understand is that is everyone must wear clothing, and not everyone will watch wearing, as a result, the watch will be a bright spot, since is a bright spot, then it is, therefore, should select clothing is set to watch, remember that the watch is not used to adorn clothing.


For concise and the fine steel sheet that has a book to roll, can use plaid outfit to match. This kind of fine steel watch has the advantage of 100, collocation with plaid outfit also won't appear too exaggerated. In addition, some new refined steel men's watches are equipped with leather strap for replacement and can be worn in casual occasions.

Choose a thinner and more versatile sports watch, such as a golf watch, because sporty design elements are ubiquitous, and the combination with the designer sportswear will bring more fashion sense. The elegant style can be worn with a sporty outfit, not only for sporting events, but also for space-sensitive clothing and wild fur.

For ultra-thin watch, because like a business card thin watch sven and easy, no activity of straightforward, suitable for business negotiation, everyday work situations and to work and dress collocation. This kind of watch matches the clothing of autumn winter velvet fabrics.