Various types and differences of watches

- Mar 14, 2019-

Watches are divided into mechanical watches and quartz watches according to the type of movement. The main difference is that mechanical watches do not need batteries, quartz watches need batteries.

Mechanical Watch

It's powered by winding, and it doesn't need batteries. Usually it can be divided into the following two kinds: manual and automatic watches.

The power sources of these two machines are driven by the spring in the machine core, which drives the gears and then pushes the needle, but the ways of power sources are different.

The mechanical watch with manual winding is powered by manual winding. The thickness of the machine core is thinner than that of the automatic winding watch, and the weight of the watch is lighter. The automatic chain-up watch uses the power generated by the swing of the automatic rotating disc of the machine core to drive the spring, but the thickness of the manual chain-up watch is relatively smaller than that of the automatic chain-up watch.

Quartz watch

It is one of the kinds of wrist watches. Whether the pointer or the digital display are called quartz watches, which are commonly known as electronic watches. Quartz watches can be divided into digital quartz electronic watches, pointer quartz watches, automatic quartz watches and photodynamic watches.

Quartz watches are discharging batteries. Except for mechanical watches, they are all quartz watches. There is a quartz oscillator inside, which vibrates at a specific frequency after power is turned on, so the travel time is very accurate, not less than one second a month. Because it uses batteries, there are also some new technologies, such as artificial kinetic energy, photodynamic energy and so on. Artificial kinetic energy is that there is a pendulum in it. He charges the batteries when he moves. Photokinetic energy is the use of solar energy to charge batteries. The principle of travel time of the meter is the same.

But the life of quartz watches is usually only ten years, so if the life of quartz watches reaches, they will not be repaired.