vacuum plating

- Mar 14, 2019-

Vacuum ion plating mainly includes

Vacuum evaporation plating, sputtering plating and ion plating are several types. They are all used to deposit various metal and non-metal films on the surface of plastic parts by distillation or sputtering under vacuum conditions. By this way, very thin surface coatings can be obtained. At the same time, they have the prominent advantages of fast speed and good adhesion, but the price is higher, and the types of metals that can be operated are less. They are generally used as functional coatings for higher-grade products. For example, it is used as an internal shielding layer. There are two common plating processes for plastic products: electroplating and vacuum ion plating.

Vacuum ion plating has high brightness. Compared with other plating methods, it has lower cost and less pollution to the environment.

Application Range of Vacuum Ion Plating

Vacuum plating has a wide range of applications, such as ABS material, ABS+PC material, PC material products. At the same time, because of its complex process, environment and high equipment requirements, unit price is more expensive than hydropower plating. This paper briefly introduces its process flow: product surface cleaning - "electrostatic removal -"spraying primer - "baking primer -"vacuum coating - "spraying paint -"baking topcoat - "packaging.

Practice of Vacuum Ion Plating

The general method of vacuum plating is to spray a layer of primer on the material first, then electroplating. Because the material is plastic, air bubbles and organic gases will remain during injection, and moisture will be inhaled in the air when placed. In addition, because the surface of the plastic is not smooth enough, the surface of the workpiece directly electroplated is not smooth, low gloss, poor metal sensitivity, and there will be bubbles, blisters and other undesirable conditions. After spraying a layer of primer, a smooth and smooth surface will be formed, and the formation of bubbles and bubbles in the plastic itself will be eliminated, so that the effect of electroplating can be demonstrated.

Vacuum ion plating can be classified

General vacuum plating, UV vacuum plating and vacuum plating are special. The processes include evaporation plating, sputtering plating, gun color, etc.