Understand seven maintenance methods to protect your watch from injury

- Apr 01, 2019-

For those who often wear wristwatches, the maintenance of wristwatches is a compulsory course. How to maintain a good wristwatch is related to the long service life of wristwatches. Here are a few tips about the maintenance of wristwatches, to share with you.


Dust can be said to be the most common, because almost every day we come under the dust, but as long as it is not too dense dust area, basically will not enter the machine core. The increase of dust will lead to the drying up of the surface oil of the machine core, so the damage to the machine core is quite big. At this time, it is better to prepare a glasses cloth to wipe off the dust of the watch case, so as to prevent the damage in the future.

Man's mechanical watch


Not all mechanical watches are waterproof, and not all expensive mechanical watches are waterproof. Watch brands have different series and different series have different functions. Take Rolex for example, many people think that it is subconsciously waterproof, but not that Rolex has special waterproof series, submarine type, yacht Mingshi, etc., are special waterproof series, generally 30 meters. Or 50 meters water-proof belongs to life water-proof, can only prevent hand-washing spray droplets or small raindrops, so don't take your love watch to water. Only a waterproof depth of 100 meters can be put into the water, and at least 200 meters should be waterproof if you want to dive.


Many people take their watches to steam saunas. In fact, the temperature in the sauna room has far exceeded the temperature that wrist watches can withstand. Over time, the waterproof washers in the watches may become old and seepage ahead of time. It is better for many diving watches to check the waterproof washers regularly and replace them in time in order to avoid losing the water.


Watch demagnetizer

Magnetization, as Lao Zhang mentioned in a long time ago, is also a strong enemy of mechanical watches. It's better not to put the watch on the computer or where there is a strong current. Once the watch is magnetized, the error of the watch will increase. Generally, if the watch goes faster, it may be that the escapement mechanism is magnetized. On the contrary, if the watch goes slower, it may be that the gears of the transmission mechanism are magnetized.


The core of the watch is the heart of the watch. It is a very fragile area. Although it has shock absorber inside, it is very difficult for such a small part to guarantee its safety, let alone some big boss wearing a luxury watch to play golf. This swing does not know how many times the gravity will be. People are all right, but the watch will be seriously injured, and it is estimated that it will be repaired. So you cousins should always take care of their watches.


For any product, there will be wear and tear after a long time. Watches are no exception. Even if you are more careful, some people like the case of pure steel or stainless steel. They do not mean that they will not wear, but they are more resistant to wear and tear than other metals. As time goes on, there will be slight scratches. So you can see those watches or second-hand watches that have been with them for many years, if they are still very new, explain. After polishing and maintenance, the degree of polishing can also be distinguished from the size of the corrugated corners.

So if we typed regularly at work, we should pay attention to the wear and tear of the buckle. If we wear the leather strap, we should pay more attention to sharp objects to prevent scratches.


To say that the most important place to maintain should be the machine core, there is watchoil inside the machine core, if you want to keep the watch running, lubrication is definitely necessary, because the pendulum has hundreds of friction every minute, more friction times a day, so it is recommended that every 3-5 years to carry out a comprehensive maintenance, in order to love their watches, I hope you will maintain more and cherish more.