Type of watch clasp

- Mar 30, 2018-

Type of watch clasp


Bracelet Clasp



Pin Buckle


The watch pin buckle should be one of the most commonly seen wristwatch buttons. It is commonly used in the middle and low frequency belt watch, and can adjust the watch band circumference by itself.



Leather Deployment Buckle


The leather deployment buckle is generally not used much, as its name suggests, mainly for leather band watches.


Hidden Clasp


The watch is commonly used for the steel band watch, folded up and the band is integrated, very beautiful and therefore very popular.


Folding Clasp With Safety


The watch folding safety button is the most frequently used buckle type in the middle and low steel band watches, which is very common in life, but it is easier to loose if the quality is not passed.


Hook Buckle



Push-Button Hidden Clasp