Tips for distinguishing between quartz and mechanical watches

- May 08, 2019-

There are two types of watches, one is a mechanical watch and the other is a quartz watch. However, I believe that many people do not come out what is a mechanical watch, what is a quartz watch, then today Guangzhou Yueyue watch wholesale manufacturers tell everyone what is the difference between quartz watch and mechanical watch.

Quartz watch

1, quartz watch ≠ electronic watch

The first thing to be clear is that quartz watches are just a classification in electronic watches. Quartz watch means that the driving part of the watch is driven by a crystal oscillator. It is not necessary to wind the spring, just add the battery.

There is no mechanical part in the electronic watch, it is a pure electronic thing, and the liquid crystal display often displays the time. Therefore, the quartz watch must be an electronic watch, but the electronic watch is not necessarily a quartz watch. Simply put, one is a semi-mechanical device and the other is an electronic device.

The characteristics of quartz watches, how to see

First, look at the logo

Generally, the dial or the bottom of the watch will have text. You can observe the text on the bottom of the watch or the bottom of the watch. If it is engraved with AUTOMATIC, it is an automatic mechanical watch. If it is a quartz watch with QUARTZ engraved.

Second, look at the pointer

By watching the movement of the second hand, you can also determine which is a quartz watch, which is just a mechanical watch. However, this method is a bit difficult. If the second hand moves, it is a jump, that is, the quartz watch; if it is moving smoothly, it is a mechanical watch.

Second, look at the thickness of the case

It is also possible to judge whether it is a mechanical watch or a quartz watch according to the thickness of the case. The case of the general mechanical watch is relatively thick, and the case of the quartz watch is relatively thin. Then let me tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of quartz and mechanical watches!

2, quartz watch principle

The core of the quartz watch contains an integrated circuit. Under the action of the electric energy supplied by the battery, the quartz oscillator vibrates and divides the time. The power supply is a small battery that lasts for several years. A quartz oscillator converts the energy of the battery into vibration to divide the time. Due to the high frequency vibration (32 kHz), the quartz watch is extremely accurate and the annual error is very low: less than one minute per year, ie less than one second per day. Because the vibration of quartz is quite regular, even a cheap quartz watch, the error rate within one day will not exceed 1 second.

Mechanical watches

Mechanical watches are divided into manual and automatic. The manual mechanical watch is driven by tightening the spring in the movement to drive the gear to push the minute hand. The automatic mechanical watch is to maintain the power by swinging. The advantage of the mechanical watch is that as long as it is tightened regularly, it is necessary to move or swing the watch (the manual mechanical watch needs to be manually tightened every day, and the semi-automatic mechanical watch It is automatic, or it can be wound up by hand), it can guarantee its operation; another advantage is that the mechanical watch has investment and collection value! The disadvantage is that the mechanical watch error is relatively large, if those are more demanding for time accuracy. People, it is not suitable to use mechanical watches, and the maintenance of mechanical watches will be relatively complicated!

The mechanical watch is good or the quartz watch is good. What is the difference between the mechanical watch and the quartz watch? I believe that the watch home is here, everyone should understand. Although most people like mechanical watches, they should be based on their own needs and preferences when buying watches, do not blindly follow the trend. Only the watch that suits you is the best.