Three Treatment Methods of Watch after Water Intake

- May 15, 2019-

What happened to the watch after it accidentally entered the water? Today, I'll introduce three simple ways to deal with watches after they enter the water, in order to quickly solve your concerns.

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Method 1: If the watch is immersed in water, it can be wrapped tightly with several layers of toilet paper or absorbent velvet cloth and placed about 15 centimeters near a 40-watt light bulb. The watch is baked for about 30 minutes, and the water vapor in the watch can evaporate. Do not place the watch directly near the stove to bake, so as not to cause the watch to be warmed and deformed.

Method 2: Put the outer cover inward and the bottom shell outward on the wrist. Water can be removed in two hours. If the water intake is serious, it is better to send watches and clocks oil immediately to remove moisture from the machine core, so as to avoid rusting parts.

Method 3: Place the watch with silica gel in the sealed container and with the watches with water accumulation. After a few hours, take out the watch and the water will disappear completely. This method is simple and economical, and does not affect the accuracy and life of the instrument. Silica gel has absorbed water many times and can be dried for several hours at 120 C. It has renewable water absorption capacity and can be reused.

Method 4: Watch waterproof ointment can also be used, so as to minimize the loss of the watch, reduce the entry of water droplets, play a very good protective role.