Three New Trends in Gift Market

- Mar 18, 2019-

All along, various gifts with universality and representativeness are accompanied by people's lives, integrated into the daily use of ordinary people, food, application and other ways, has become an indispensable emotional contact expression proposition in people's lives. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the increasingly fierce market competition, in the gift industry.

First, Creativity of Gift Customization

Nowadays, the innovation of various gifts in science, technology and technology has evolved into a diversified demand. Many gift purchasers have individualized requirements in addition to the purchase of gifts. This poses a new challenge to the gift industry practitioners, including all kinds of comprehensive products, whether they are home textile enterprises, crafts manufacturers or digital gift suppliers, and so on. That is, how to get a piece of the cake in the gift market, especially to meet all kinds of needs under gift customization, so that unexpected market effects can be created. This is a new growth opportunity for many gift enterprises with quality characteristics.

Second, Gift Marketing Network

With the wide application of the Internet in China and the rapid rise of e-commerce and network marketing mode, the traditional marketing mode has been unable to meet the compact pace of modern life of consumers. Therefore, in order to cope with market changes and reduce sales costs, many gift suppliers and even intermediaries in the gift industry have gradually shifted the battlefield to the Internet. Many gift brands have opened up distribution channels, increased the application of Tianmao flagship store, and also joined the application of Jingdong Mall, procurement gift network and other platforms. Especially the highly mature application of e-commerce, for traditional gift enterprises, it is not a matter of doing or not, but how to do specific actions.