There is no wrong watch, only the wrong watch strap

- May 17, 2018-

There is no wrong watch, only the wrong watch strap.

The strap is the second face of the watch. Look away, even the first face. Some people say, I just buy the right watch?

No! There is much learning in it.

The type of strap including:

Belt table: advanced manual leather strap, ostrich leather strap, crocodile strap, snake skin strap, water cow leather strap, other animal skin strap, light surface leather strap, dark skin strap.

Metal watch band: stainless steel band, stainless steel gold band, gold watch band, black stainless steel band, titanium bracelet, aluminum strap, metal mesh strap, telescopic elastic strap.

Synthetic strap: silicon/rubber band, fine fiber strap, textile band, PVC strap, nylon strap.

Although the band does not have any function associated with "time", it is still important because it must be matched to the overall look and feel of the watch. A lot of times, you buy the use of the watch, wear the occasion to decide the material of the strap.

Easy to explain the importance of the right strap, like shoes and not only the feet know right, so strap comfortable uncomfortable, see how did you get the feeling their wrists, others say, not as good as you are buying their own personal feeling, too.

Secondly, the band should also have a seismic effect. When buying a sports watch, choose to fold the buckle design to ensure the safety of the wrist.

Several aspects to consider when choosing a strap are: occasion, season, place, skin and use.

The buckle strap is always the most formal and suitable strap for the suit. Metal watch strap casual, is the daily use of the first choice. For people who love sports and outdoor hiking, rubber bands and canvas belts are perfect. On the occasion, the strap material is more important than the outfit.

Seasonal and geographical factors can be combined. There are a few simple rules: if you don't want to look dirty and messy, stay away from the leather strap in the summer. The metal strap needs to be washed regularly, otherwise the black stuff in the gap will make others think you are working in the field. A watch with a leather strap in the winter is very suitable and can have a warm effect.

Some people are more sensitive to skin, and a stainless steel strap may cause a rash on the arm. Therefore, it is better to choose tungsten steel, ceramic or titanium band, or carbon watch strap, etc. As long as you notice this, there are plenty of options.

Also, when buying a watch, it is better to buy steel belt. Because each watch has the steel belt that is made to match, only the steel belt of the original factory is most suitable. However, there are many choices of belts, which can be changed as long as the size is suitable, and the price ranges from cheap to expensive. But the purchase of the original steel strip... True tuhao can ignore this paragraph, the person that lives at home must keep in mind.