There are so many words on the back of the watch, can you really understand them all?

- Oct 19, 2017-

There are so many words on the back of the watch, can you really understand them all?

Have you noticed ? There are a lot of numbers and marks on the back of the watch case . Some of them are clear, such as brands and serial names; some are English or abbreviations; they can be guessed by a check; some figures and patterns are not clear enough. Today, Sheng Shijun is going to talk about the meaning of the words on the back of the table

The characters on the back of each watch are not the same, but roughly include these:

1, brand, series name, model

Brand and series name is obvious, clear at a glance.

Ref.+ Numbers: generally for model and type.


2, different kinds of numbers

A string of longer numbers or letters + numbers, may be the movement number, watchcase number, body number or factory number. These numbers are unique, just like the ID number of the watch.

If it is limited, there will be a limited number. For example, this earl, No. 27/88, means limited 88 pieces, which are twenty-seventh of them.


3. Country of Origin

The origin is well recognized, because in many other products, such as clothing, accessories on the tag will also be reflected, generally the place name +MADE. In view of the fact that most of the Swiss watches are now on the market, the most likely one is SWISS MADE.

4, material

Most common used is St. Steel / Stainless Steel


Precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. In the Swiss table, precious metal watch, are engraved on the "Saint Bernard dog" mark.



Why is Bernard? Because they are "Swiss dog"".


Each noble metal is represented by a shape:


Adding numbers to the middle represents purity. From left to right are gold, silver, platinum, palladium, the label is common in their purity.


750 balance: indicating that the precious metals have passed the international standard of the Vienna international convention. 750 gold, that is, 750 of the gold, which is what we call the 18 karat gold:


These are the marks after 1995, and between them, it's more complicated. Each precious metal material, each purity, is a pattern.  You can feel it:


Like queens, squirrels, ducks, bobcats, hares, and flowers ...... all kinds of patterns

5, Waterproof Performance

W.R. / WATER RESISTANT / WATER PROOF,These are waterproof markings. The number that follows, that is, the degree of water proof. For example, 100m, that is, waterproof 100 meters; 10 BAR, that is, 10 atmospheric pressure, 1 atmospheric pressure equivalent to 10 meters of water pressure, so 10 BAR that waterproof 100 meters.

6, movement

One just shows the origin of the movement, for example: JAPAN MOV'T(MOV'T=movement  MOVEMENT)。

And the movement model is generally represented by CAL.+ number / letter (CAL = calibre movement number).


7, other marks

Geneva impression


The Geneva emblem is the emblem of the eagle and the key. The Geneva law, drawn up in 1886, aims to ensure the origin of clocks and watches and the craftsmanship of craftsmen. The Geneva stamp was awarded only to clocks and watches made in Geneva.


Responsibility stamp

Because many of the Swiss watches are manufactured by foreign manufacturers, for quality control, starting in 1934, it is also engraved with the manufacturer's Responsibility Mark. There is a hammer, a key, a shield, and so on. It's a number, representing different manufacturers.


For sure, many big brands will use their own registered trademarks to replace this responsibility mark, such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, Jaeger Le Coulter, Earl and so on.

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