There are so many people wearing watches. How many people know watches?

- Mar 26, 2019-

If you look carefully, you will find that there are more people wearing watches around us these years. Watches are indeed an irreplaceable ornament for men to wear. People who wear watches and those who don't wear watches are somewhat less temperamental. However, this is not the point we are going to focus on today. What we want to talk about is whether we know the following knowledge before deciding to wear a watch?

"Swiss watches are good"

There should be no objection to calling Switzerland the kingdom of watches and clocks. After all, Switzerland occupies the absolute brand and export volume in the watchmaking industry. But it still needs to be discussed whether it is the best. First: In addition to Switzerland, German and Japanese watch brands are also very famous, each brand has its advantages, so simply look at Switzerland = good watch, it is too shallow. There is a saying in the table circle: on the basis of affordability, as long as you like and fit you, it is a good table. The implication is that there is no need to distinguish Switzerland, Japan, Germany or even the national table.

"Mechanical watches can appreciate"

Many people choose to buy mechanical watches not because they understand the mechanical structure of watches, but because they think that mechanical watches are superior to quartz watches, and they are also more value-preserving. But we can't help mentioning that the machine price is graded according to the complexity of function, material, machine center, brand and so on. When it comes to preservation or even appreciation, the probability is very small. For example, in recent years, super-public watches such as Rolex "Green Water Ghost" and Patek Nautilus have the ability to preserve value, but it is difficult to say whether this ability can continue. Like today's 4 Rolex Panda Di, which was photographed by Fujis for a minimum of HK$1.55 million to HK$3.55 million, the basic price of Paul Newman Panda Di will be fixed at more than 1.2 million, depending on excellent luck.

"The more expensive the watch, the better"

We often hear the theory of "one price, one price, one purchase", which is unreliable when it is used to buy watches. Many people buy watches (especially the local tyrants who are not poor in money) think that the more expensive the watch is, the better. Especially when someone asks about your watch, the understatement of a "million" is absolutely more shocking than Patek Philippe. Because if the other party is a layman of watches, it may not know that Patek Philippe is sure to experience the concept of a million. But in fact, the higher the price of the watch is really better? Suggestions may return to the original intention of buying the watch, and the most important thing is to do what you can. The price of a watch comes from functions, watches material, brand premium ability and so on. If you don't really need to use those extra functions, don't be confused by the price and brand. Some people spend hundreds of thousands to buy Patek Philippe, others spend millions to buy a complex function list of unknown brands. Which one do you think is better?

"Homemade motivation is good motivation"

It's not clear when it started, people began to superstition the self-made machine heart, which seems like ETA machine heart is not good. It may be that some high-end brands'entry-level tables have "hurt" their fans' hearts by using the universal computer center. Now these high-end brands are trying to carry home-made machine hearts to abandon the universal machine hearts, so the impression to the outside world is that home-made machine hearts are more advanced. However, what we want to say is that although the self-made machine center can prove that the brand has the ability to make watches, it does not mean that the watches with the universal machine center are not good. Because some universal machine centers have excellent stability and reliability after decades of market validation, compared with the new self-made machine centers that just came out, there will be unfairness, so it is inevitable to be arbitrary to judge a watch by self-made machine centers.

"Mechanical watches can be handed down"

It is undeniable that many people have watches handed down from grandpa or dad in their homes, but if we look carefully, how many people around us are wearing their parents'watches? So mechanical watches can be handed down from generation to generation can only be a good vision. Moreover, after the baptism of time, whether mechanical or quartz watches, their parts have a certain life, in the process of continuous maintenance and maintenance, like the "ship of Theseus", constantly being replaced and changed.

"The more expensive the watch, the more accurate it is"

Watches, of course, are not as precise as they are expensive. To spell the time accurately, the electronic meter is the most precise, its intelligence can be achieved without error, but also the cheapest; quartz monthly error within 10 seconds; then mechanical meter. Of course, mechanical watches are the most expensive. Even the most accurate Rolex, each machine center has passed the test of the observatory, and the daily error takes five or six seconds.

"Expensive watches are waterproof"

In many people's eyes, a good watch must be of good quality, so its waterproof is certainly good. This is a very wrong recognition. Waterproof ability of watch is not equal to the quality of its workmanship, but related to the structure design of this watch. Also, waterproof watches of 30m/50m are not waterproof, they can only cope with splashes in daily life, so they should be used carefully. Like some top watches such as Patek Philippe and Jiang Sidanton, the waterproofing of traditional watches is mostly within this range.

"Automatic mechanical watch without hand chain"

From the literal point of view, the automatic mechanical watch is that it can complete the chain itself without manual work. This is an extremely wrong perception. The automatic mechanical watch is improved on the basis of the manual mechanical watch. A pendulum is added to the center of the watch. When it is worn, the arm swing of the human body makes the pendulum move back and forth in the center of the watch, thus achieving the effect of chain-up.