The watches good or not can judgment by the calibration instrument Parameter Description

- Oct 16, 2017-

Generally,instrument calibration has four basic parameters, namely day difference, swing, polarization parameters.

the frequency can be ignore, because the movement when the frequency of the factory fixed, and generally we are common high imitation scoring or fast frequency of 28800, or slow pendulum 21600.


Day difference is the number of seconds per day error, a watch there is no question the most intuitive parameters is that he is also the most ordinary friends know the parameters. Industry standards are probably -20 ~ +40 are considered qualified range.

Swing is the balance of the balance wheel swing, back and forth the angle of rotation. General our watch swing between 220 to 330, high and low are not very good. High balance wheel rotation is too large than the elastic modulus of the hairspring will accelerate the swing frequency caused by pendulum, so the watch will be easy to go fast.

If too low that the drive system has a problem, for many reasons, there may be into the gray or inside the foreign body caused by it, it may be used for a long time inside the sludge caused by the words, then you need to clear the foreign body or watch maintenance wash oil The

Artificial factors are also caused by the problem of the reasons for the swing, such as violent movement, collision, will cause the balance wheel swing. This situation will watch the rest after a period of time will slowly recover.

The following figure shows AB is the upper and lower axis of the balance wheel, fixed in the ruby shaft, the shaft is very small, with a magnifying glass can be seen, basically 90% of the table is not because the axis is broken Of the reasons, because of the protection of the shock absorber, usually when the front side of the shock absorber will play a role in protecting the shaft, but when the side of the fall when the shock spring has lost its role, it is easy to cause swing Out, or from the shaft, which will cause the watch to stop.



Finally, Polarization is also called partial swing, see the word understanding is the balance wheel bias, the center of gravity from the axis, in general, the new table within 0 to 0.5 are considered qualified. The old watch will be a little more polarized, the reason is that long-term severe exercise caused by side impact. Polarization will lead to a larger swing, the difference will become larger. The main reason is that the polarization will increase the friction between the bearing and the shaft, the friction of the natural need more power to push it, so the swing will become low.