the Value of Watch movement

- May 08, 2019-

For many watch friends who have just touched the watch and just entered the pit, the movement is a very confusing thing. The shopping guide tells you that this is a Swiss movement and has an observatory certification. Both movements are Swiss. Very good... a lot of Barabala, said in the clouds. In fact, many people ask whether this watch is good or not. It is worried about the quality of the movement. After all, the appearance is good, the workmanship is not delicate, everyone can see it, the brand is also transparent after sale. Talking about the movement, what we can't get around is the ETA movement. When the ETA movement used to dominate the table, there were not so many self-produced movements. It can be said that Rolex and Omega are below the brand. Producing a movement, and brands above this level are still using ETA movements in large numbers. Now this situation has changed, but it is still very common. This leads to the fact that everyone is also an ETA movement, but the price is a few thousand cheap, and the price can be as high as 100,000, which does not include the modification based on ETA movement.

Watch movement

Then everyone uses a movement, such as ETA 2824, Tissot is three or four thousand yuan, the United States is five or six thousand yuan, Longines seven or eight thousand or over ten thousand yuan, and Tudor is a price of one or two thousand, Baume and Montblanc, etc. At the price of one or two thousand, Cartier can be a little higher, and some jewelry watch brands can reach 70,000 or even 100,000. Let's not say a hundred thousand watches, but thousands to tens of thousands of watches, using the same "sports" movement, why is the price difference so big?

What is the value of the movement itself?

ETA is still the most versatile movement at the moment. Even though we have common SW movements or other basic movements, many of them are just extensions of the ETA movement, with only minor differences. The most common ETA movements are 2824, 2892-A2, 7750, 6497/6498, 2671, etc. The 7750 movement, which is time-stamped, is the basic movement of the three-pin type, and is the most used machine on the market. core. We all know that ETA movements are also available in grades, from rough to observatory, at different prices and with different precision standards.

The blank movement is used in the most entry-level watches. The movement is mostly made of brass. It is not coated with chrome plating, galvanizing, etc. The surface process is rough and the naked eye is not very beautiful. If you look at the lens It can be seen clearly, and the lettering is rough. This kind of movement is very cheap, so the watch with this movement is also cheaper, two or three thousand can be bought (not including the event discount). Of course, the blank movement is also a genuine movement, but the accuracy is slightly worse, not the quality is not good, the value of the movement is hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The standard version goes up and is the movement level used by mainstream Swiss watches. The standard version will have the corresponding plating treatment, the accuracy is slightly better, the maximum daily error is 30 seconds, the two orientations are adjusted, and the movement value is more than one thousand yuan. The advanced version of the ETA movement, after three-way training, the maximum daily error is within 20 seconds, and the movement value is also more than one thousand yuan. The top-level ETA movement, after five-way training, has a maximum daily error of 15 seconds and a movement value of nearly two thousand dollars. The ETA movement at the observatory level is based on the manufacturing precision of the observatory level. The five-dimensional price adjustment is -4/+6 seconds. The movement value is more than 2,000 yuan. Among them, in these levels, in addition to different precision, the processing fineness is different, as well as the material difference, mainly the spring and the spring material are different.

This is the value of a pure movement, and the ultra-thin movement such as the ETA 2892-A2 will be more expensive. But when these movements are used in branded watches, they have to be labeled, and they must be processed according to the brand's requirements, so the price will rise. But overall, the movement is almost only about 30% of the overall value of the watch, and sometimes it will be lower. In other words, the price difference of 10,000 yuan in the table, in fact, the value of the movement may only differ by one or two thousand.