The Type of Electronic Watches.

- Jan 17, 2018-

The electronic watch can be divided into digital quartz electronic watch, pointer type quartz watch and automatic quartz watch and optical kinetic energy watch.

Type quartz electronic watch: the piezoelectric effect of quartz crystal and the watch with the combination of the bipolar tube liquid crystal display, whose function is completely completed by electronic components.

Needle quartz watch: the energy from the quartz watch comes from the silver oxide button cell. After the silver oxide button cell provides a specific voltage to the integrated circuit,

The oscillating circuit and quartz resonator are used to vibrate the quartz oscillator to form the oscillator circuit.From the output of the oscillation circuit of the frequency of 32768 Hz after the electrical signals into frequency division circuit after frequency division to produce 0.5 Hz level 16 pulse signal, and then through the narrow pulse circuit into the drive circuit to amplify the output pulse signal, and form variations of bidirectional pulse signal, and thus drive stepping motor for intermittent rotation, further drive the transmission gear train, to make the clock accurately show the time.

Automatic quartz watch: a combination of automatic mechanical watches and quartz watches.It does not require a battery, and the wearer can choose to either manually or automatically charge.Its electronic quartz device makes it more accurate, with a monthly error of less than 10 seconds.Its operation principle is to use the arm of the dancing turns in the table of pendulum tuo and generate energy to promote internal micro motor is converted into energy, and thus provide sufficient electricity for quartz devices within the table, and extra power by the micro capacitance stored for later use.When the watch is full of electricity, it can run for more than nine days without having to wear the watch on your wrist.At present, the Swiss skyhook watch and Japan seiko watch are well-known automatic quartz watches.

Optical kinetic energy watches: preferred by solar wafer convert light energy into electrical energy, and will live in electrical energy in titanium recycled lithium ion rechargeable batteries, and is produced by the electricity from the battery through the integrated circuit pulse signal to the coil and magnetic driving stepper motor, the electrical energy is converted into kinetic energy, drive gears and drives the pointer to indicate the time, after a full charge can run 40-180 days or so, in the dark as accurate, rechargeable battery life of 10 years.