The tools of Gem mosaic

- Oct 31, 2017-

>1.small hammer, small steel chisel: for beating, extension of metal, used in the package, forced inlay.

>2.all kinds of files: mainly used to trim the mosaic after leaving some traces.

> nose pliers Used to put the metal claws on the gem to make it firm.

>4.cut pliers: used to cut the gems above the gem to cut.

>5.AA folder: for gripping all kinds of gems put in the mouth.

>6.Whetstone, steel needle: used to grind flat shovel, triangular needle.

>7.double head forceps: for a variety of fixed needle.

>8.brush is mainly used for cleaning the workpiece, collecting the process of powder generated.

>9.hard brush (toothbrush): used to remove stones and inclusions between the impurities, such as rubber mud and so on.

>9.rubber mud: for the temporary fixation of the gem in the mouth.

> paint rods: used to fix the objects to be processed, for some easy to deformation of the hanging pieces, row of chain, earrings and so very effective.

>11.ring clip: used to hold the ring, making it easy to hand.

>12.banana water (for dissolved lacquer)

>13.bead: used to claws, nails clasped to the gem.

>14.screw hook: for the fixed fire sticks.

>15.hanging friction with a variety of needle

Needle: drill bit; peach needle: drill bit to expand the mouth; disc needle: playing position

Needle: Punch: Pincer