The thinner the watch, the better, what are the disadvantages of a thin watch?

- May 08, 2019-

For the love of watches, some people like the mechanical watch, or the quartz watch that looks like a mechanical watch brings the heavy feeling and the feeling of the atmosphere, and some people are more keen on the ultra-thin and simple design style.

In recent years, brands such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Bulgari, and Piaget have been constantly improving themselves on the ultra-thin road, because for the brand, the degree to which the watch can be thinner directly reflects the strength of watchmaking. Of course, the ultra-thin watch is plagued by the fact that the parts are fragile and are easily broken and damaged when subjected to impact, impact or improper handling by the wearer.

So for the wearer, the individual emphasizes comfort, and the size that suits you is the best. The ring fat is thin, and if you choose ultra-thin, you have to accept the essence of "not tolerant".

How thin is the watch called ultra-thin watch?

The ultra-thin watch is based on the thickness of the movement, so we know that a few watch brands such as Piaget, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Vacheron Constantin have begun to pursue ultra-thin movements. Can you imagine a movement with a movement of only 1-3 mm? Such a thin movement, all its internal components, from the barrel to the gear, the escapement, etc., are included in these ultra-thin Some parts are thinner than a piece of paper, and the difficulty of production can be imagined.

For watchmakers, making an ultra-thin movement is much more difficult than a general-sized movement, especially in the process of assembly and adjustment. Only with super-high technology can it be so thin. And the fragile parts are assembled one by one, which is not only to test a watchmaker's professionalism in precision crafts, but also to test their patience and concentration.

In this era of light and slim, all objects are pursuing the ultimate in lightness. Therefore, in the watch family, the thin and light watches are becoming more and more popular. In addition to inheriting the classics and innovating, the ultra-thin models are not too cumbersome or too heavy to wear. Many business people prefer the portable watches, so Ultra-thin watches are becoming more and more popular.