The role of automatic lathe in watch manufacturing

- Oct 17, 2017-

Automatic lathe in the role of watch manufacturing: watch parts in the manufacturing process, nearly 40 kinds of need to be processed in the automatic lathe. Gift watch manufacturers simply describe the parts (gossamer clip, pull the shaft, etc.) in the automatic lathe directly processed to complete, and then heat treatment or plating. Most parts, such as various gear shafts, fork shafts, pendulum shafts, axles, etc., are first in the automatic lathe car on the hair, and then a lot of mechanical processing procedures. Automatic lathe is a high-precision machine tool, which uses fine grain carbide cutting tools and precision manufacturing cam, can process high-quality steel bar and brass bar, and can also complete the car outer circle, car end face, Drilling, reaming, tapping and with the teeth squeeze thread, milling groove and other steps of the process. Processing all automatic control, and high precision machining (error .01mm), turning finish to 8 or more.