The Origin Of Perpetual Calendar

- Sep 25, 2017-

The famous woodman is called the years, one day he went up the mountain to cut firewood, and fought it. He looked at the tree shadow of the gods, the hearts of those who think, is still how to set the standard of things. Unaware of most of the time, he found the shadows on the ground has quietly moved the position. Year of the mind a move, I thought, why not use the length of the sun to calculate the time? After returning home, thousands of years to design a "sundial instrument."

 However, in the event of rainy days, sundial instrument and lost utility. One day, thousands of years in the spring side of the water, see the water on the cliff is very rhythm drops, the law of the sound of water and inspired his inspiration. After returning home, thousands of years to do a five-story leak, the use of leaking method to time. In this case, regardless of the weather sunny, you can correctly grasp the time. With the timing of the tool, thousands of years more carefully observe the changes in the day order. After a long induction, he found that every three hundred and sixty days, the length of time will be repeated once. As long as clear the laws of the sun and the moon, do not worry about the order is not allowed. Years with a self-made sundial and water leakage to the audience to see the emperor Z, indicating that the order is not allowed to have nothing to do with the gods. Zuyi think that years of great reason, put thousands of years left in the Temple of Heaven before the cover of the sundial Taiwan, leakage Pavilion, and sent twelve boy for thousands of years to send. Since then, thousands of years to concentrate on the research season.

 After a period of time, Zu An sent a calendar to understand the situation of the calendar year. "The sunrise and sunrise three hundred six hundred and sixty-six years have come from scratch, and the vegetation is divided into four seasons and one year has twelve rounds." A Heng heard, very uneasy, he worried about the system to produce accurate calendar, get the emperor reuse, a direct threat to his position. So A Heng on the heavy money to buy an assassin, ready to thieves years. But unfortunately the years of full study of seasonal, almost never leave the day and month of residence. Assassin had to take advantage of the dead of night, rolled up the arrow shot to kill years. Only heard the "wind" of the cry, a shot in the years of the arm, years crashed down. The boys screamed and took the assassins, guarding the soldiers in time to seize the assassin, he will be sent to the emperor. Zu B asked out of the altar of the altar, ordered the A Heng custody, personally to the sun and the moon to visit the years. Years to put their latest research results reported to the ancestral b: "Now the stars to catch up with the 100 star silkworms, astrological recovery, child night, old age has been finished, when the beginning of spring, hope the emperor set a section "Zhai said:" Spring is old, called the Spring Festival. "At that time Zuyi see years for the system calendar, day and night wear and tear by the arrows, heart could not bear, asked him to raise his house to recuperate the body, "Thank you, the emperor love, but the current solar calendar or the elbow calendar, not accurate enough, to the end of the year also leap in. Otherwise, over time, will cause seasonal disorders.In order to live up to expectations, I have to stay, Continue to set the sun calendar. "After dozens of cold and heat, years of elaborate sun calendar finally completed. When he gave the sun to Zu, it was a white-haired old man. Zu was deeply touched, put the sun calendar known as the "calendar", and the closure of years for the "sun and the moon", the above is the "perpetual calendar" the origin of the name, is not it interesting?