The origin of first watches in China

- Sep 21, 2017-

At the beginning of 1955, Tianjin, the original Hua Wei Zhongchuang second floor of a room, four master composed of a watch trial group. They are at the time of the domestic repair table clocks of the elite, but this is the first time to make watches. Their names destined to be included in the Chinese watch history - Wang Cimin, Zhang Shuwen, Jiang Zhengyin, Sun Wenjun.

March 24 at 5:45 pm, when the last part of the assembly is completed, four workers gathered together for the trial of the watch foot winding - the needle began to turn up, the watch issued a uniform and rhythmic "tick" sound ... ... the new watch simple and generous, dial on the "Chinese system" three gold, there are five Venus. This watch is named "five star" card.

When Chairman Mao Zedong received the "China's first watch trial success" of the report, very pleased to immediately make "watch to produce more, the price and then lower some" instructions. Which gave birth to China's first product of the watch - "51" brand watches. Since then, China "can only watch the table can not make the table" history gone forever.

In October 1958, "Beijing" brand watches became the ninth anniversary of the founding of new China a gift, which "Beijing" word from Mao Zedong for the "Beijing Daily" founded the calligraphy works. 1978 "Beijing" watch the annual output has reached 1,074,000, "Beijing" watch represents a domestic table of an era.

In 1973, the "Dongfeng" table to "seagull" trademark through Hong Kong to enter the international market, becoming the first export watches in China.