The new trend of watches that deserve attention in 2018

- Apr 12, 2018-

The new trend of watches that deserve attention in 2018

1. Young and intelligent.

With smart meters climbing, Apple watch watch brand has grown into a global shipments first, watch the intelligent has become an irreversible trend, the traditional Swiss watchmakers caused a huge shock, in order to cope with the impact, many brand began to set foot in smart meters, introduced a more modern models, performance more powerful watches attract young consumers. At this year's show, the brand's 2018 new products are glowing with a youthful glow, aimed squarely at a new generation of young consumers and young people.


2. Retro style reverses.

This year, the revival of the wrist watch industry is still in vogue, with each brand launching the anniversary style and the history of the best-selling copy, the classic and cost-effective. This kind of nostalgia may be influenced by the second-hand market and antique market, but also reflects the return to utility function in the background of economic depression.


3. Upgrade the machine core.

At this year's table, many brands have upgraded their new products, not only in appearance, but also in the heart of the watch.


4. The complicated functional women's watch is prominent.