The movement of swiss watches

- Sep 21, 2017-

Most of the friends are inclined to the Swiss movement watch 2892 movement classified as a cheap, simple shared movement, this view is somewhat unilateral.

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    Swiss watch movement of the strengths, mainly with a strong versatility and scalability, of course, its stability and accuracy is also good. So there will be many watch factory use 2892 and its series of movement, or, more advanced, the 2892 movement modified and add other features. 1. Take off the balance wheel and winding chuck 2892-A2 movement, you can see the diameter of nearly half of the movement of the large barrel; 2.2892-A2 movement of the calendar surface; 3.2892-A2 movement of the dial system. The compression spring above the wheel is fixed by the screw, reducing the possibility of the displacement of the compression spring, thereby extending the life of the compression spring: 4. Next to the balance wheel, the main splint is clearly engraved with the sign 2892A2 words.

    Swiss movement watch movement 2892-A2 simple movement structure, it is the achievement of its high scalability of the key factors. Chronograph movement 2894-2 is in the movement of the assembly surface with a layer of time components to achieve. The rest of the two places, the small three-pin, big calendar, moon phase function is often changed in the movement of the calendar surface. Or directly on the board to be modified, or in the movement with a new layer of components, all without a trace of difficulties, a very high versatility so that the 2892-A2 became the most suitable modification of the movement.

       This movement is the key part of the modified surface of the layer above the layer of components. Because it is a special plywood, so the scales than the other parts of the movement to be much more obvious. The cross-shaped copper ten-digit calendar plate is fixed on this new layer, the back is a cross-shaped cam, controlled by a set of lever and spring device; and the individual calendar ring is still installed in the original calendar surface. The daily rotation of the wheel at the same time, will also drive the lever through the drive wheel rotation, when the bit calendar ring rotation 10 days, the lever will reach the limit position of the cam, and pushed by the spring back, that is, ten calendar wheel forward one block. As for the thirty and thirty-one days of the problem, or rely on manual to solve.