The mechanical watch's daytime error is normal.

- May 10, 2019-

What is the normal error of the mechanical watch one day?

The allowable error range of the mechanical watch is ±30 sec/day. The average error of the movement certified by the Observatory ranges from -4 seconds to +6 seconds/day. The specific error depends on the movement used in the watch. The higher the price, the smaller the error. The power source of the automatic mechanical watch is the swing of the wrist of the wearer to generate energy to wind the spring. A fully-automatic mechanical watch can last for about 36 hours: if it is guaranteed to be worn every day, it can operate for about 15 hours, such as If you do not wear or swing less than the above time (the amount of exercise of the wearer is small), the watch will stop. Before you wear it, you should first wind the watch.

Mechanical watch

Travel time error

(1) The accuracy of the watch varies depending on the type of movement of the watch. The quartz watch replaces the balance wheel in the mechanical watch with a quartz vibrator, and uses its correct high-speed oscillation to time. Generally, the accuracy of the quartz watch is high. The Swiss standard has a monthly error of 15 seconds, and some precision. The movement can reach the annual error within a few seconds.

(2) The mechanical watch relies on internal mechanical devices to control the uniform and accurate travel time of the watch. These mechanical devices are subject to gravity, environmental temperature and other effects, and the error of the general mechanical watch is calculated on a daily basis. The type and manufacturing quality of the core vary, and the normal error within 30 seconds per day is within the normal range. Some high-precision movements, such as the Observatory series, can reach around 10 seconds.

Several common situations in which the error of the watch suddenly increases.

Insufficient battery: If the quartz watch suddenly finds that it is slow, it may be caused by insufficient battery energy. You can send the watch to a special maintenance point to check the power.

Insufficient power reserve: You need to check if the power is sufficient. If the self-winding watch has a small amount of movement, it may cause insufficient power reserve. You can replenish the power by manual winding, and then observe whether it continues to be fast or slow.

The watch is magnetic: if the spring of the mechanical watch is magnetized, the watch will be inaccurate when it goes.

Maintenance required: The lack of oil in the movement or the aging of internal parts may cause travel problems and need to be sent to the designated service point for maintenance service.

Have been beaten or hit: the watch is very precise, and if it is hit or hit, it may cause looseness of the inner parts and may cause travel problems.

In addition to these common conditions, some of the effects of ambient temperature and the influence of the wearer's habits may cause an increase in travel time error. But you don't need to worry, please send the watch to the designated repair point. Professionals can check and adjust the watch to return to the normal error range.