The material classification of watch glass

- Apr 17, 2018-

The material classification of watch glass

Watch glass, which is the material of the mirror, is divided into sapphire glass, mineral glass and glass glass.

Sapphire glass: the physical and chemical properties of the glass are stable and very high. Second only to diamond, can easily deal with scratches, wear, erosion. But the hardness is too high, the toughness is not good, very afraid to fall. But many high-end watches use this kind of watch!

Mineral glass: this kind of material is characterized by strong anti-vertical strike ability and excellent abrasion resistance. This type of watch is heavily used on the mid-end watch, and the same high hardness glass is used for the general military watch.

Synthetic glass: also called plexiglass, there is also a name called "Alec glass". The surface of this kind of material is not very good, easy to appear scratches. But its willfulness is good, it is not easy to break. The cost of synthetic glass is very low, and many low-end forms are usually chosen for this type of glass.