The main raw materials for automatic mechanical watches in Switzerland.

- Jun 01, 2018-

The main raw material for automatic mechanical Swiss watches is the manufacture of lead for various kinds of watches.The steel bar of silver is used to make a box wheel, a strip cover and a lead brass rod for the time wheel. It makes the nickel and white copper material used for the swing wheel, and makes the lead yellow copper plate and material for the splints, the wheels and the escapement fork.Nickel based alloys used for making silk, made of nickel, chromium and aluminum nickel chromium stainless steel for hair strips. The raw materials used for making gem components are mainly alumina, made of brass with surface surface needle, glass for surface glass, made of steel wheels and high quality carbon tools and steel strips for miscellaneous parts, and made of chrome nickel stainless steel or chromium for the case. Nickel titanium stainless steel, etc.

The structure of the mechanical meter has more than one thousand production processes. The parts except the hair, the silk, the artificial gem and the shockproof device are produced by the professional watch component factory, including the drill, the drill, the fork, the disc, and the rest are made by the table plants themselves. Most of the parts in the watch are run on the automatic lathe to finish the blanks, and then carry out multiple processing operations. Finally, they are polished, quenched, tempered and electroplated.

There are more than 200 processing procedures in the splint of the watch. Each splint will be processed by stamping, milling, drilling, and fine car. Finally, a layer of nickel cobalt alloy is electroplated on the splint to prevent corrosion and increase the beauty. The escapement wheel, escapement fork and the balance wheel are the key parts in the watch. The quality of the watch affects the watch greatly, so the processing must be strictly handled. All parts in the table must be inspected or sampled and assembled in a clean workshop. The assembled watches should be inspected according to the standards issued by the Ministry, and the quality must be qualified before they can be released from the factory.