the mechanical watch and Quartz watch the difference

- Oct 06, 2017-

Quartz watch is main the energy from silver oxide button cell

it will show time by the hands(hour ,minute and second )

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Needle accuracy is selected when the first table needs to be considered, quartz watch is in the table to replace the mechanical balance of quartz vibrator, using the high speed swing right time watch, but due to different mechanical production quality, and the influence of internal table movement affected by gravity, the time error is relatively large, than quartz watch, mechanical watch poor accuracy.

The power.

The power source is quartz crystal oscillator through the battery, the electric energy can be converted into kinetic energy, drive hand walking, rather than need winding mechanical watch, quartz watch only need regular replacement of batteries, is relatively simple. But there are automatic winding mechanical watch, the jitter watches, can realize automatic winding.

Use time:

In general, the quartz watch service life by the battery limit is short, the use of 5-8 years after the quartz oscillation will decline, the accuracy will be relatively reduced, and generally every 1 to 2 years to replace the battery; mechanical table does not need to replace the battery, and regular maintenance of oil, can be used for more than 20 years no problem.

The weight:

The quartz watch worn on the hand, it is much lighter than a mechanical watch, quartz watch because the original is generally based on resistance, capacitance and other light objects, and mechanical watches are mostly mechanical objects heavier. Worn on the hand although there is no obvious difference in weight, but for a long time can be distinguished.

Maintenance :

The quartz table contains many small parts, usually the maintenance cost is very high, so the quartz watch a large fault, usually the original factory will ask directly for a new movement, the maintenance cost is high; mechanical maintenance is relatively easy, although it is very troublesome, but for easy, is not easily the wrong.

Price side :

The QUARTZ is much cheaper than mechanical ,because it will set a material and movt will be different .