The importance of Shock absorbers,Can I wear a watch to play ball?

- Jan 23, 2018-

The importance of Shock absorbers,Can I wear a watch to play ball?

There is a saying: If the movement is the heart of a mechanical watch, then the shock absorber is the heart of the heart. Is the shock absorber really important? How is its powerful role displayed?


The importance of shock absorbers

50 years ago, there were few mechanical watches equipped with shock absorbers. The mechanical watch movement by the hundreds of precision parts, is very fragile, strong external vibration may lead to the movement of the balance wheel rupture, screw loose or hammock jump frame. Severe vibration not only affects the quality of travel time, it can also cause mechanical watch damage.

Thanks to advances in technology, mechanical watches are now generally equipped with shock absorbers, to a large extent, to withstand the damage caused by strong earthquakes.

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Shock absorbers are not everything

Shock absorbers have been acting on the heart shock can not be ignored, to mechanical watch "heart" escort. But the shock absorber is not a panacea, its shock resistance is limited.

Mechanical watches per second because there are more than 4 periods of oscillation, the balance line speed is higher, there is a certain seismic capacity, so slow movement has little effect on the travel time.

Do strenuous exercise so that mechanical watches go faster, and the time and extent of strenuous exercise. The longer the time, the greater the movement, the greater the influence of the mechanical watch.

Therefore, even if the mechanical watch has a shockproof function, it does not mean that it can be work for all occasions. In strenuous exercise, generally do not recommend wearing mechanical watches.

In addition, when your mechanical watch accidentally fell, and found to go out of time after the situation is not allowed, as soon as possible to the regular maintenance center for processing.

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