The features of automatic mechanical watch.

- May 31, 2018-

The automatic mechanical watch still retains the function of manual winding. In other words, it is still possible to rotate the crown to wind the winding. Only some relatively inexpensive automatic mechanical movements, such as Seiko 7S26, 7S36 and ETA 2842, will omit this. Features. And because the wrist's activity will keep the watch continuously wound, the automatic mechanical watch has the function of preventing the clockwork from being too tight so as to avoid damage to the clockwork.However, the emergence of automatic mechanical watches does not completely replace manual mechanical watches, but automatic mechanical watch products are more than manual mechanical watches.

Automatic mechanical watches, there are many improvements, such as Seiko push Kinetic men's electric energy watch, the principle is still wrist movements cause the oscillating weight to generate electricity. There are many types of automatic watches, but their working principle is roughly the same. The automatic winding device is installed behind the movement and can be seen by opening the rear cover. Automatic Swiss watch movements are generally relatively thick. The automatic table of general reversing wheel structure consists of automatic hammer (weight), reversing wheel, automatic transmission wheel, automatic head wheel and so on. The automatic hammer is screwed on the center automatic hammer shaft.Under the action of the external force, it rotates around the center and drives the reversing wheel. The reversing wheel shafts also push the automatic transmission wheel to rotate. The automatic transmission wheel pushes the automatic head wheel, and the automatic head wheel meshes with the large steel gear teeth, making the big steel wheel one The teeth are rotated one at a time and put on the bar. Automatic table is automatically turned to any direction can be on the bar. Different from one-way reversing device, two-way reversing device or ratchet and pawl device. Now more than full automatic watches. ETA2892 movement, double lion 46941 movement is the two-way automatic winding most of the eccentric is the use of the oscillating weight (automatic turret or automatic hammer), it is shaped like a semi-circular disk, the choice of relatively heavy metal Into, and the edge is thick, so most of the mass is on the edge of the top, using the gravity of the earth's center and the swing of the human arm to rotate, and drive a set of gears to wind the spring to wind up.