The error rate of the mechanical watch is about how much

- Jul 18, 2017-

First of all, the user to distinguish between the mechanical watch and quartz watch the difference, this point in the previous article has been clearly explained for the user, and here is not described in detail. Mechanical watch every year, its error rate of 4-6 seconds or so, so the error rate is almost negligible, then why some watches a week later, they found that time is wrong, there will be a few minutes of error, this Is because the movement of a certain wear and tear, resulting in not precision operation, indirectly, can indicate that the watch has been used for at least five years.

Any machinery, machinery, instruments, etc., will have some error, the inevitable, mechanical watch the error rate of life does not have any impact, of course, will not affect the distinguished wearing experience. Users do not have to care about, choose a suitable appearance of the mechanical watch is really care about. Xiaobian will continue to bring you more about the internal structure of the watch article, please pay attention to the mechanical watch manufacturers.

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