The difference between auger ,Czech diamond and Middle East drilling

- Mar 29, 2018-

1, the auger drill bottom bottom in olive green, the cut surface can be up to more than 30, so very high refractive index, the height of the prism have deep feeling, because of its hardness is strong, so burnish sustained, this drill in diamond. (a true auger of sesame size will not sell for less than $1.50)

Bottom are golden 

2, Czech drilling, Czech drilling, the drilling cutting surface is generally more than a dozen, so the refraction effect is good, can reflect the very shine, its hardness is stronger, keep luster in three years, second only to the drill. (a genuine Czech diamond with a size of sesame will not sell for less than 0.7 yuan)

3, the Middle East drilling, diamond is khaki, the drill is some house in the Middle East to cater to the market, low-cost manufacturing diamond, so at first glance, the early when used with the Czech drill difference is not big, but use, its gloss retention time is very short, dark at once.