The difference between silicone watches and plastic watches

- Apr 24, 2019-

Silicone is better than rubber for watch straps. From the nature of the material itself, silica gel is an environmentally friendly material, which is environmentally friendly and can be recycled after use. The effect on human body is better than rubber material. In terms of manufacturing process, the use of harmful substances in the manufacturing process of silica gel is relatively small, while the manufacturing of rubber is much more complex.

Silicone watches belong to the category of silica gel gifts in silica gel products. The raw materials of silica gel watches are solid silica gel. The watchband is formed by moulding, vulcanization and pressing. The watchhead is usually assembled by plastic watchhead, and the buckle is usually made of hardware or plastic material.

Silicone watch strap itself has a certain degree of tension and softness, feel comfortable, bright color, environmental protection will not cause harm to the skin, the strap can bend arbitrarily and immediately restore, is a relatively popular promotional gift in recent years.

Silica gel watches have the advantages of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, non-distortion, non-toxicity, odorless, no side effects on human body, soft, non-cracking, long service life, non-irritating skin, cheap products, good promotional gifts, and are one of the green and environmental protection silicone jewelry.

Definition of Plastics (American Plastic Industry Association): It is mainly composed of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen and other organic or inorganic elements. The finished product is solid and is a melting liquid in the manufacturing process. Therefore, it can be melted by heating, flowed by pressure, cooled and solidified by cooling, thus forming various shapes. This large and varied group of materials is called plastics.

Plastics is a kind of material with high molecular weight organic matter as its main component. It takes on solid shape when processing is completed. In the process of manufacturing and processing, it can be modeled by flow.