The development of Swiss watches

- Jan 26, 2018-

At the beginning of the tabulation process almost all by hand.In 1845, with the production of tabulating machines, the industry became a modern industrial sector.Over the next century, the production of watches rose sharply, with a maximum annual output of 104 million, or 40 percent of the world's total, almost all exports.Seven out of ten of the world's export watches come from Switzerland.Even so, the Swiss watch kept in more than three centuries to decentralized state in the period of the industry, in addition to a few famous brand companies, never highly concentrated, most manufacturers are small and medium.In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the world, was founded in 1921 the Swiss watchmaking funding tabulation institute, founded in 1962, spreadsheet center, both are research and development institutions, are all located in the city of Chartres.Before the mid-1970s, some new technologies were first introduced in Switzerland.One of the earliest liquid crystal display;The thinnest watch (less than 1 mm thick);The body temperature battery in the strap.In the 1970s, Japan and Hong Kong came to the fore.One is to combine high grade with jewelry.After an effort to develop, Swiss watchmakers arrived in the 1980s to sell a series of cheap plastic quartz, the earliest and most famous of which is called the Swatch.This is a self-made English word, and the next five letters are "watches", and the first two letters are the beginning of the English "Switzerland".The quartz machine is sealed inside the plastic case, so it can't be repaired, but it can't be broken. A small battery can go for two or three years.This watch has been a great success in western markets.