The composition of the watch.

- Jun 29, 2018-

(A) The core of the machine is the most important part of the watch. It is the "heart" of the watch. The quality of the wristwatch determines the quality of the watch. It is very important for the quality of the product to choose the quality of the core.Japanese original CITIZEN machine full automatic machine core, its product unqualified rate is only 5 per thousand, the daily error is 15 seconds: domestic fully automatic mechanical core, its product unqualified rate is 7 per thousand, and the daily error is 30 seconds. CITIZEN quartz movement is the most popular movement of many watch manufacturers at home and abroad. The failure rate of products is only 3 per thousand, with a monthly error of 30 seconds.CITIZEN movement, in the movement of many brands, has won the high praise of the international and domestic markets with its touching characteristics and excellent accuracy. In recent years, the quality of domestic machinery has been steadily improving, and its quality is relatively stable.  

(B) The watchcase is mostly made of alloy case, copper case, steel case and tungsten steel case in the domestic market. 1, Alloy case: Generally speaking, the processing technology is simple, the production cycle is short, the output is large, the price is low, and the development in recent years is relatively rapid. However, because of its waterproofing, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other deficiencies, large celebration activities are rarely used, generally used in such aspects as beer, beverage and other aspects of promotion. It belongs to the middle and low grade watch. 2, Copper case: copper case has the advantages of easy processing, beautiful appearance, good waterproof performance, surface abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. Many manufacturers are mostly used. Its moderate price is also its advantage. It belongs to the high and middle class watch. 3, Steel case: Generally speaking, the processing is more complex, the output is small, the price is high, its performance is higher than the alloy shell and copper shell, and it is usually used for high grade electronic meter and mechanical or mechanical fully automatic watch. It is a high-grade watch. 4,Tungsten steel case: processing is difficult, not easy to wear, and with sapphire surface, Japanese movement, tungsten steel strap. This table is generally a high grade electronic watch.

(C) The choice of the strap should be matched with the case. What kind of watchband should be chosen for the material case? Except for one case, any case can match the leather strap, and the effect is ideal.

(D) The dial plate is usually made of copper, aluminum and paper. For a watch, the design of the dial is also very important. In our industry, the "dial face" is called the "dial face", which is just as important as a person's face. The same case, with different patterns and materials of the dial, can achieve different results.

(E) The back cover of the rear lid is fixed to the core, dustproof and waterproof. It is made of stainless steel. The back can etch words and patterns, and it has three kinds of assembly methods with the case.1, close to the cover directly with the watchcase (on time) (poor waterproofing) 2, screw the cover and the back cover are all ribbed and tightened (waterproof).3, Rosie watch case and back cover are fixed by rose, usually in square watch case (strong waterproof).

(F) The needle and watch are the important parts of the display time. The general watch should have three kinds of hour hand, minute hand and second hand, and exceptional cases are exceptional.For example, ultra-thin watch, usually only clockwork and minute hand, second hand according to the movement condition is dispensable. The table is an important part of adjusting the hour hand (time) and date (calendar), mostly manual. Generally, copper coating or stainless steel is usually used.