The classification and efficacy of Anti-glare mirror

- Nov 22, 2017-

Anti-glare mirror is a type of watch mirror, divided into single-layer anti-glare glass and double anti-glare glass table mirror. Simply put, anti-glare mirror is the multi-layer plating on the lens film, making it attached to the lens to prevent light refraction, similar to automotive insulation paper, also known as multilayer film or color clothing, commonly used in professional aviation, diving watch or Very large mirror surface of the table.


1.>Anti-glare mirror effect

       Many sapphire crystal mirrors have anti-glare multi-layer coatings on both sides to avoid refraction when light is received. For example, the double-sided multi-layer sapphire crystal specially crafted by Breitling disperses the light, especially in direct sunlight , Give full play to function, so that the wearer in the hot sun can still be clearly read, without prejudice. This coated lens will cause antireflection effect, less reflected light, the natural light is very good, the light transmittance of up to 99%.

2.>Anti-glare mirror classification

       Anti-glare mirror is divided into double-glazed glass and single glare glass, the difference is that the former is the inner and outer plating on both sides of the lens, which is only coated inside the glass, the effect of little difference between the two.

3.>Anti-glare mirror recognition

      The easiest way to distinguish is to mirror the tilt, the effect of the film interference will make it appear colored light (like the same lens glasses)