The charm of mechanical watches

- Oct 23, 2017-

The charm of mechanical watches

1, mechanical watches can best represent the beauty of craft. It is a small but clever beauty, beauty and crafts are closely related, as we all know, now those expensive mechanical watches from machine manufacture, grinding and polishing, carved lacquer painting, jewelry mosaic process is almost completed by hand, and other exquisite handicrafts are very similar, they all belong to the handmade works of art instead, this is industrial products, mechanical watches (mainly refers to the high-end mechanical watches) from the main local electronic quartz watches and smart meters, and electronic quartz watches and smart meters can not be replaced.

2, the harmonious beauty of mechanical watches and human body. Mechanical table also need regular adjustment and careful maintenance, is actually more trouble, and that the individual life is a combination of all electronic quartz watch battery can precisely walk a few years are not a problem, but also very substantial, although I worry, but I feel cold. Many people even intoxicated, obsessed with the adjustment process inextricably bogged down in, it, indulge in the smart watch it, although it's maintenance for the broken heart, will never abandon, can be described as "my end is no regrets, the Iraqi people to wave", such a kind of emotion and pay, and not to say the harmonious beauty of the human body and soul, like to continus degree, this is the unique mechanical watch magic.

3, mechanical watches have unique and inheritance beauty. Mechanical watch, especially the top mechanical watches, many are the one and only handicrafts, which also created its unique, it is worth tasting value, rather than a simple or practical use value, but also because of the unique, in the process of appreciating the soul to rise to the level, also has the inheritance the value of. A friend commented "mechanical watch is a kind of art and historical heritage, is the watchmaker handmade make painstaking efforts have the soul of art, is not a cold industrial products can replace the" small, agree with, mechanical watch is unique and the beauty of inheritance, is not a simple product of industrialization can match.