The carving process of walking on the tip of the knife

- May 14, 2018-

The carving process of walking on the tip of the knife.

Victor Hugo once said, "if there is no inner beauty, no external beauty is complete." I don't think this sentence is Hugo, Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin) is also think so, so when Vacheron Constantin face when a wrist when already have acme perfect craft dial still firmly chose to say no, because it seems to Vacheron Constantin, only in the movement process also achieve even beyond the dial is outstanding, can truly become a real master of art watches, so Vacheron Constantin in its grinding has been completely accords with the movement of Geneva seal standard authentication and added more mysterious engraved look on the process.

Speaking of vacheron constantin engraved look history is has a long history, early in 1755, at the beginning of the name, constantin craft master already can skillfully use all kinds of art craft to add the aesthetic feeling of watches and clocks, and manual sculpture is one of the challenging the process requirement of sculptors not only skilled but also very patient, because from the Angle of risk, the process just as slightly lose everything carelessly, and enamel has traditionally been the superb technology so only be used to make extremely luxurious clock.

Although the process is extremely complex, but is the occasion for poem in Denton, its founder, jean-marc as early as in 1755 made the first Mr Vacheron constantin pocket watch, have been equipped with the process of balance cock engraved look. Of course, this is only the beginning, since then jiang shidanton began to pursue the tenacity of the engraving, during which more and more exquisite mechanical parts were made. 1924, constantin subversive produced the first engraved look overall movement and install it on a pocket watch, made the altar table, at the same time, the world is seen as is the beginning of engraved look clocks and watches, and this year is the 90th anniversary of the arrival of clocks and watches engraved look.

In determining the good part of the engraved look after, the back of the work will be completed by the engraver to continue, it is a challenging job, because the process is extremely time-consuming and engraver is required not only to have extremely precise technique, more excellent in quality and super patience, engraver first take dozens of hours of drilling and cutting all the base board, plywood, box spring and other mechanical parts on all spare parts, as long as more than cutting of the yisiyihao the parts will be scrapped immediately, especially the 1003 movement vacheron constantin, the precious metal material due to its hardness is relatively soft, So it's more difficult to cut.

After cutting, engraver is by hand to decorate every parts, some parts need to pass of chamfering polishing processing, and others go through hand dull polishing present a matte texture to foil polishing parts, so as to show the effect of two kinds of contrast between together with aesthetic feeling. Especially in dealing with some curved openings and inside or even less than 45 ° Angle, process is more complicated, and the complexity is any machine can't do. Each parts after the baptism of chamfering and manual polishing, is about to start for them to engraving, also can saying is everyone wear the dress for them, in general, carving a simple function of the movement is about a whole weeks, engraver in used kedao nuanced parts for carving, each knife must be very accurate, even slightly to nearly one over ten of a millimeter, should not only make the carved design presents a fruity and relief effect and pleasing to the eye, asks the engraver to even more perceptual understanding into parts to endow them with personality and the soul, Sometimes it is necessary to sculpt the corresponding pattern according to the different forms of the table.