The Biggest 3 Japanese Watch Bands and Swiss Watch Producer

- Jul 18, 2018-



 The momentum of the watch industry growth has been away from its origina function : Timing. According to the data, even Chinese and Japanese brands has taken up the most part of the market, however due to the low unit price,comparing with the Swiss watch brand, the income is giantly different.

  Mechanical Watch only uptakes the 3% of the whole watch market, but the 67% of the production value, the main reason is the difference between functions.

  The mechanical watch was produced firstly in the 17th century, and the quartz watch entered the market in 1969, even the accurate quartz watch has damaged the swiss mechanical watch factory furiously, but those swiss watch factory owners are so smart, they distinguished the quartz watch as the model of elegance and high class, so they succeeded in remaining the top in the watch industry.Even the Japanese watch industry grows so fast, but comparing to those so-called luxury watches, the scale is so small and its growth is even slower than the swiss watch .