The benefits of the transparent the watch

- Sep 21, 2017-

Why so many automatic watches case back made of transparent?

Mechanical watch is more crafty watch, appreciate the higher value. Do you carefully observe the inside of a watch? The watch is the smallest micro-precision mechanical device, the watch core has many meshing gears, different shapes of lever, spring, fine polished plywood and screws, as well as the rapid rotation of the pendulum They are combined together, meticulously met with each other, it is really a fantastic mechanical world! Is our human precision machining of the extreme and the peak, very amazing watchmaker's wisdom and Superman's Production capacity. In the past few hundred years, through the number of craftsmen on behalf of the efforts to create a modern watch the achievements and glory.

automatic watches with long power reserve.jpg

It is wonderful to show the design of movement, Watch movement in the structure and processing and manufacturing is very engaging, delicate polished parts are also very beautiful, but also can see the watch every action of the action process, which is the charm of mechanical watches. Through the bottom of the watch on the movement of the surface modification has a high demand, such as automatic Tuo, wheel plywood, generally with stripes, pearl pattern, arc lines to modify. Screws and steel parts have to be carefully polished, at the same time, but also the brand of the brand number and some unique emblem, engraved in the movement of the eye. So through the bottom of the watch movement to be more particular.

automatic watches under 1000.jpg

In fact, through the case of the watch is not unique to the clock, as early as 100 years ago, appeared in some pocket watch. This pocket watch does not cover the usual sub-cover, but was fitted with glass, so open the pocket watch back, you can see the watch core. Are generally "big eight" pocket watch, movement of the "cloud plate" of the plywood can be freely watched, also known as "open" (that is, open the meaning of movement).