The basic operation steps of jewel-laying process of wrist watch

- May 11, 2018-

The basic operation steps of jewel-laying process of wrist watch.

1. Watch stone. Look at the shape and specifications of the gemstones to see if the stones are cracked and can withstand the pressure required for inlays.

2. Swing stone. Place the gem on the ring insert to see if the gem is suitable for the specification of the insert, the claws are not long enough, can the gem be fixed.

3. Positioning. Use the shape of the gem to measure, the specification that the metal jewelry piece inserts the mouth, determine the position size that the inlay needs, first use the tooth needle to grind into a concave groove, until the gem is fixed. Needle, with an umbrella again by the discretion of gems on the claws a grinding a gap, convenient fixed gems, each claw location must be worn balance is consistent, there cannot be high and low, otherwise will appear after rough now like stone.

4. Enter the stone. Place the gem in a preset insert, and then confirm whether the gem and the insert are evenly balanced. The surface balance will not be loose, not biased, and completely consistent.

5. Solid rock. The gemstones will be placed in the inlays to be fixed. At fixed time, it is necessary to apply force according to the hardness of all kinds of gemstones. When using the clamp, make sure that it is uniform, such as excessive force, can damage the gem; Not enough hard, maybe solid rock, easy to loose.

6. Repair. After more than a few process, hard to avoid leaving the pliers, file, mark, damage jewelry whole beautiful, must be repaired, especially feet long and short, repair the claw when must pay attention to the safety, had better use finger to protect good gem, and then used his paw file and sand paper, trim and repaired.