The basic knowledge of watches movements types

- Oct 15, 2018-

The basic knowledge of watches movements types 


It's most importance for many friends who are freshmen to the watches,that to know the more detailed info about the watches movement,but,so far in the watches market,there's so many friends who always wear watches,even still not really clear that there's how many types watches movements ,now,let's to know more basic knowledge of it,

Firstly,the electronic movement and the quartz movement is most general use in our life,so we can learn to know it more easyer,and also,i bet that the quartz watch or the electronic watch is the first watch in our life for most of our watches enthusiasts,

becase you can see the quartz movement is "uncomplicated""Precision""cheap"


 "uncomplicated" means that we don't need to calibrate the watch when walking,

There is often a quartz oscillator inside the quartz movement. After power-on, it will vibrate according to the set frequency, so the travel time is very accurate, for this part,the automatic watches can not finished this ,but,a shortcoming of the quartz watches that can not be ignored is that just over 10 years life,they can not be run last,sure that thewatches service life is closely related with the maintenance and our usage habit,so,if we turn the right way to maintenance and usage,the watches service life will be extend,otherwise is not,

About the automatic movement ,it's the most classic movement in all types of the movements,hereby we can say that all the wrist watches enthusiast are frenzy the automatic movement,as we all known that the automatic watches power is not from the battery like the quartz watches, main springs of watches can also make the watches run,

The winding method of the mechanical watch generally has two types: manual and automatic winding. Unlike the manual winding, the self-winding movement will have an automatic tow, which will rotate with the movement of the arm, and the core will continue to be wound. Another point different from the quartz watch is that the loss of the mechanical watch is mainly the wear of the parts. If the maintenance is good, it can almost always run. However, the mechanical movement is relatively "squeezing", especially need to care about the problem of "waterproof, shockproof and antimagnetic".


Finally, let’s talk about movements such as kinetic energy, solar energy, and human kinetic energy. These movements are actually “derivatives” of quartz movements. They use solar energy such as solar energy or human motion to store power (because it is quartz). The movement, so unlike the self-winding movement, is generally very convenient to use, and of course this is the result of technological advances.