The Advantages and Disadvantages of Titanium Metal Watch

- Oct 19, 2017-

Titanium is a metal element found in the crust, is a shiny and shiny metal or silver gray or dark gray powder. Its composition can be found in almost all of the pyroxenite and titanium sand deposits.

Many of the features of titanium make it extremely industrial and commercial:

Hard: Titanium is 30% higher than steel

Light weight: titanium weight of 47.90 atomic scale, nearly 50% lighter than steel.

Anti-Corrosion: When titanium is exposed to air, its surface will form a layer of tight and tough oxide film, it can resist the erosion of other metals on other metals. The erosion of brine is particularly effective.

In the mid-1970s, more than 85 percent of the titanium produced was used in the aviation industry. The unique properties of titanium: the density of half of the steel, excellent strength retention (to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit), environmental corrosion resistance is much higher than other metals. Which makes it an ideal material for the construction of jet engines, rockets and spacecraft engines and aircraft frames. Its military use is weapons, like artillery missiles and retreats. From the 1970s onwards, the price of titanium metal plant products has been down, so that titanium is widely used in all walks of life. The most common compound is titanium oxide, often used in the production of pigment paints, paper products, plastics, glass and pottery. Gem craftsmen should be very interested to know that the original star ruby ruby and sapphire crystal "stars", are due to the presence of titanium oxide. Shipbuilding engineers also appreciate the super-corrosion resistance of titanium to brine, so use it to make propellers, shafts and other parts. The navy also used it on a submarine.

Titanium is not a rare metal, it is ranked ninth in the reserves of the crust. Titanium ore supply can be maintained at least ten thousand years. In the meteorites, lunar rocks, the sun and other planets have found its presence. However, the extraction process of titanium is relatively slow and the cost is too high, which makes it expensive. Over the years, high prices have limited the use of titanium in the military and aviation fields.

Titanium metal as a watch material has a very good advantage, such as:

1. Titanium watches are quite comfortable to wear, because they are surprisingly light;

2. Titanium is hypoallergenic, it does not contain nickel, even when the skin is sweating, wearing it is also very comfortable;

3. Because titanium is harder than steel, titanium watches are more durable;

4. Corrosion-resistant properties make titanium particularly suitable for diving tables;

5. Titanium is very environmentally friendly, it comes from the earth and recyclable.

That titanium alloy can be used as a mechanical watch the heart material? Unfortunately, it is not possible. Titanium and steel compared to the main advantages of low density, corrosion resistance, but the absolute hardness and strength are not as steel, and poor processing, is not suitable for internal parts of the watch, but the case still has its advantages, The problem is that it is low brightness, easy to scratch, rely on coating (plating) layer to protect. Many small holes on the deck is small, and irregular cutting of the tool requires a higher, if the plywood strength is higher processing difficulty is higher, with the watch on the plywood material hardness requirements are not high, while anti-wear gem bearing get, Of course, some small parts have high strength material, but small parts easy to rule processing. So the plywood material is more suitable with copper alloy. Although the copper will rust and not wear, but it is cheap, easy to cut, through the coating, lubricants, ruby bearings, steel parts and other components to a relatively "low cost" approach to solve.

Titanium alloy watch was used in most brands. Titanium is very easy to get dirty and scratched. Citizen In order to solve this problem, the "multi-layer glass coating" patent material used in Promaster series titanium metal watch, to make up for this defect, and then Citizen Citizen company said they can scratch