The advantages and disadvantages of the four types of strap

- Nov 09, 2017-

The biggest advantage of leather strap is skin-friendly. That is, from the comfort of wear, leather strap more comfortable, especially in the cold autumn and winter wear more feel warm and comfortable. Compared to other materials strap, leather strap is more difficult to hurt the skin and clothing. In addition to the material itself, leather strap brings people the feeling is elegant, introverted, in daily life, more suitable for business occasions to wear, giving a more formal feeling.

However, one of the biggest drawbacks leather straps, that is easy to wear, aging fracture. Summer wear high temperature easily sweaty. Because of the aura of the skin is generally not breathable, and cortical strap making process reasons, after wearing a hot summer day, wearing a wrist watch that ring may bored a circle of sweat. There is also a reason not to be ignored, boredom, cortical strap will produce peculiar smell, which requires regular wear cortical strap regularly wipe with a damp cloth to avoid odor.


Rubber strap is generally used in sports watches body, because the rubber material has a non-negligible advantages, particularly good flexibility of rubber, the popular saying is "carry." In addition, the stylish rubber strap movement is also why many people choose it.

Rubber strap can not ignore the disadvantages, such as the winter easy to hard, different rubber quality differences, easy to show cheap. Relative to the metal strap and leather strap, the rubber material is still not for the elderly recognized.


The advantage of nylon band is simple and practical, cheap and easy to produce. And this material is very good wearing, breathable and comfortable. There are many design patterns, all kinds of patterns, the choice of space is also great.

But Material is easy to silk, fluff. In addition, many people also think that nylon strap with the same rubber strap, nylon strap that the metal strap and leather strap high-end, it seems cheaper.


About the metal band, Although the fear of oxidation of metal strap is also easy to use because of improper care and scratch. However, with respect to the leather, rubber and nylon strap, its service life will be longer, and after a simple treatment, can be restored as the new luster.