The advantages and disadvantages of ceramic case

- Nov 22, 2017-

High-tech ceramic manufacturing process, the very fine zirconia powder, the powder is injected into the mold at high pressure, sintered in a furnace at a temperature of over one thousand degrees Celsius to form ceramic components not easy to wear, and then polished with diamond powder, Can be made. Therefore, it is still powder metallurgy.


Watches in the case strap using ceramic materials, is undoubtedly the radar RADO. Moreover, radar watches are also described as "high-tech ceramics (HIGH-TECH CERAMICS) and" space materials ", its watch product line arches, silver, precision ceramics, ceramics, stars, Sri Lanka have all used ceramic case and strap.

Ceramic case advantages:

     Surface is very smooth, special wear-resistant, stable physical properties, acid, corrosion, discoloration will not change color, light weight, and pollution-free. It does not hurt the skin, but stainless steel case strap nickel metal inside, nickel on the human skin is not good, many people will be allergic.

Ceramic Case Disadvantages:

     Angular is not very clear, the case or strap shape are basically Drumming; easy to crack, more afraid to fall and afraid to bump. The gap between the strap section is too large, especially the silver diamond series, its strap and case connection (Section) large gap, especially in the case of the wearer's wrist is relatively thin. In this case, one is not beautiful, the other two are also easy to get dirty