Ten Terms of Knowledgeless Watch

- Mar 19, 2019-

If you are a watch enthusiast, then you have to learn the basic knowledge of watches, so that you will have something to talk about in everyday communication. This basic knowledge will also be of great use when buying watches, so no knowledge of watches, today's small edition brings you ten essential terms of watches.


An opening in a dial to provide information other than time (usually date or moon phase).

Watch ring

The watch ring is a ring around the outer part of the dial, which is used to connect the shell and the dial. Most of the watchrings are fixed, and some can be screwed, such as diving meters, which are always equipped with scaled rotatable watchrings to help divers calculate the time to return to the surface.

Watch case

The case is usually a round box and can be regarded as the case of the wrist watch. The case contains an organic core, dial and pointer.

Complex functions

The wristwatch has other functions besides the standard function of indicating time. The most common complex functions are chronometer, month phase display, date display, time reporting device, etc.


This function allows the wearer to measure a shorter period of time, such as the time required for a lap along the runway, using a separate timer. Timing function has become a very popular function for men's money in the past hundred years.


The crown, sometimes called the handle, is a small button for the upper chord and time adjustment.

Clock dial

The dial is also called a surface. The time, date or other information indicated by the watch is displayed on the dial.

Watch ear

Refers to the parts that protrude from the case and are used to fix the strap or chain.


The motor core is a bit like the engine of a car, a complex combination of various parts that make the wrist watch come up. The machine core can be divided into three types: electronic quartz machine core, automatic chain machine core and manual chain machine core.

dual timezone

Display, as the name implies, can display the time of another time zone through a separate pointer or window.