Teach you to handmade movement gear(next chapter)

- Oct 20, 2017-

Followed by follow-up: remove the burrs under the microscope.

Hardened gears. 20AP steel easy to process, made into the gear before use into the hardening treatment. Go to the tube into the two spoons of coal, the gear into which, then add coal cover gear.

Heating to cherry red under propane flame.


Why add pulverized coal Steel in the hardening temperature conditions, will react with the oxygen in the air began to burn. Pulverized coal is lighter than steel and can consume oxygen to prevent steel from burning and keep it clean and tidy. Industrial hardening operations are based on the same theory, but are achieved under nitrogen rather than air conditions.

Poured into the oil to make it cool, hardened steel comparable to glass, but also very brittle.


But this has not yet ended, but also on the gear for polishing.

The use of groove will be gear in the middle of the two disk, the edge of the edge of the disc groove different, easy to meet the needs of both ends of the shaft diameter.


Finally, polish the gear pivot (the part that comes into contact with the gem) to the proper diameter. Place the gear in the "Pisces" and place it on the Jacot tool.


Grind the edges of the pivot with a grinder, Finished.