Teach you to handmade movement gear

- Oct 20, 2017-

The following is the finished gear icon: total length of 3.19 mm, the top circle diameter 1.044 mm, a total of 8 teeth. Now let's take a closer look at all the steps to make this gear.


Ingredients: Sandvik 20AP diameter 2.5 mm high carbon cut steel round bar. High wear resistance, high precision machining, heat treatment deformation is small, superior mechanical properties, widely used in precision watch parts production.


Processing process: first cut the appropriate length of the round bar.


The cutting of the blank to the appropriate diameter, the largest part to be fixed in the gear processing machine fixture, the length of both ends of the blank medium, spare.

Ready to process the gear blank.


Place the blank on the gear milling chuck.


Take the micrometer to detect whether the blank is properly placed, the rotating billet, the value on the dial indicator should not be changed.

Gear cutter cut tooth profile, one at a time.

Adjust the gear milling cutter lever, cut the tooth length, behind the indexing wheel is used to fix the number of teeth. The cutting process itself is fast, and the pre-preparation machine is more time-consuming.


Check the total diameter after cutting

A movement contains a variety of different sizes of gears, each size of the gear production requires a different gear cutter.


The 10: 1 indicator of the gear being produced.


Binocular microscope to zero the gear, and then use the dial to mark the required number.

Under the microscope, cut one end of the gear shaft.

Fixed gear blanks, cutting the other end of the gear shaft when the need to use other tools to recalculate the need to cut the length.

The micrometer is specially designed to cope with this situation. The probe is slim and can be inserted into the interdental, and the conventional micrometer can only measure the diameter of the crown.


It is now possible to cut the gear from the blank,Processing is complete.