Teach you how to fix a watch, remember that watches are broken

- Sep 30, 2017-

1, repair

Most of the mechanic industry called down oil master ", meaning only washable. If he has a problem, he can fix it!

Next, I'd like to mention some of the botched repairs I've encountered (just the tip of the iceberg):

I have a friend to see a long repair bad was, I found it a wheel with a rivet and rivet together, exposed on the exterior, and round each turn and rub a splint, a friend said with, I estimate repair with less than spring, will be broken the hook spring and a riveting and repairman! Damn! Is actually a bending hook than this easily and well. I remain perplexed despite much thought.......

Others are more funny, such as using glue to glue the dial and the movement; and even using 502 glue to make the movement impossible to separate from the dial!

Some adjustment gap, even with paper inserted between the plywood!

Most table together both ends of the shaft are no diamonds, for a long time by the combination of eccentric wear after (especially some antique pocket watch, watch repair) commonly used "Crescent" red eye shrinking "treatment, can often find someone at the wrong direction! The eccentricity is more and more serious, and even scrap (I have! Some people ask, did not know the reason is on the shaft hole wear caused by! They think is a closed operation caused by Austria!! no wonder the wrong direction!)

2, assemble

It's easier for the repairman to assemble and disassemble.

I called attention to the screw assembly, because screw with a table length, thick thin, the upper part of a thick thin. The mistake is not only a damage to the screw hole of the splint, but also some unexpected faults. A few days ago I was a friend of ETA2836 movement to solve handsetting fault, open the clamp screw is screwed to the calendar found unexpectedly placed on the splint, because of its tail, resisted the clutch rod rear clutch lever movement caused by interference, a handsetting fault.

There's a repairman twisted the wrong fork clamp screw, the screw head and a slight rub, the wheel movement is blocked, this table is not good to go.

In fact, the assembly of knowledge is great, and because of space issues, talk about later.